BSB80615 - Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

          (BSB80615) - (Release 2) 

Training Package:       BSB Business Services Training Package (Version 4.0)

Study Modes:              Blended    Online    RPL             

Pricing:                        $7200

GEM Online Campus    

This course is facilitated by GEM College of International Business.  Course Information Link

The Learner is provided with User Name and Password to the GEM Online Campus, which enables access to the interactive Online Screen Guide; the Learner Guide (pdf); the Assessment Guide; and the Quick Reference Guide.

Blended Delivery

Study via face to face intensives; supported by Learner Guide, Assessment Guide; Online Seminars.

Time Commitment 

Nominal minimum hours of study plus individual research and on the job application is 1,200 – 2,400 hours (normally over a period of 18-24 months); OR approximately 10 hours research and study per week (face-to-face/online) for 18 months from commencement.  During the balance of the time, learners will be engaged in work-based/simulated work-based (portfolio building) activities, assessments.

Course Overview 

This qualification reflects the roles of individuals who apply highly specialised knowledge and skills in the field of organisational learning and capability development. Individuals in these roles generate and evaluate complex ideas. They also initiate, design and execute major learning and development functions within an organisation. Typically, they would have full responsibility and accountability for the personal output and work of others.

This qualification may apply to leaders and managers in an organisation where learning is used to build organisational capability.

Career Opportunities/Vocational Outcomes

This qualification may apply to people who are working in Management Level positions in several industries/sectors and, in particular, RTO's or education and training departments of other entities.

Course Structure

The Course Structure consists of 8 Units.  This qualification has 2 Core units and 6 Elective units of which:

  • 4 units must be selected from the elective units listed below, and
  • the remaining 2 units may be selected from the elective units listed below or any other currently endorsed training package or accredited course at Advanced Diploma or above.

Elective units must be relevant to the work environment and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a valid, industry-supported vocational outcome.

Core Units

BSBRES801 Initiate and lead applied research
BSBINN801 Lead innovative thinking and practice

Elective Units
BSBLED808 Conduct a career development session
BSBLDR803 Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships
BSBLED807 Establish career development services
BSBINN501 Establish systems that support innovation
PSPMNGT614A Facilitate knowledge management
BSBLED809 Identify and communicate trends in career development
BSBITB801 Implement advanced electronic technologies
TAELED703A Implement improved learning practice
BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change
BSBLED802 Lead learning strategy implementation
BSBLDR801 Lead personal and strategic transformation
BSBFIM801 Manage financial resources
PSPHR616A Manage performance management system
BSBLED806 Plan and implement a coaching strategy
BSBLED805 Plan and implement a mentoring program
TAELED704A Review enterprise e-learning systems and solutions implementation


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